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Welcome To Turek Trucking Company

At Turek Trucking our mission is to attract and retain customers by providing Best In Class transportation solutions. 

Our commitment to "quality customer service" is what sets us apart from others in the transportation industry. 


Turek Trucking has provided service and trust to our customers for over 20 years and we continue to supply small to midsize manufacturers solutions to all their transportation needs.


At Turek Trucking we consider ourselves to be your personalized Freight Brokerage Company. Our ability to offer our value added customer service to your company while providing the most competitive rates in the industry is what sets us apart from others. 


Personal one on one attention from our team means that your freight is a priority when picked up and then carefully monitored daily until delivered. We achieve this through our large database of licensed carriers built through our state of the art computer networking system. Turek Trucking provides a cost effective solution that is tailored to your specific capacity and service needs.


Turek Trucking urges you to get back to the service and attention you've been missing from others in the industry.


Because at Turek Trucking we simply " Do The Details Better".


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